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ZaveIT is a Norwegian software company established by entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

Years of industry experience have given ZaveIT’s founders in-depth knowledge of the growth barriers in the IT industry.

About ZaveIT

ZaveIT is a platform for services built and tailored for IT Resellers and MSPs.

By dramatically reducing operational costs through simplification and automation, we free up resources to increase sales and business development.

With our unique RISC management and service virtualization technologies, we enable IT Resellers to build, sell and manage branded services and optimize customer experience.

Sales - 10%
Delivery - 20%
Operations - 30%

Vision & Mission

We make it easy for IT Resellers to build, sell and manage
Anything as a service (XaaS).

Our mission is to strengthen our partner’s ability to deliver excellent services and differentiation by giving them the tools to help them do so. 

Through our partner program, we share know-how and support our partners stronger.

Simplifies everyday business

One of our core features

Make Data Protection Easy

We are building a service platform, including services, to simplify and automate operations.
A global company in Norway.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver quality and service in all parts of our deliveries.


We value honesty and transparency in customer relations.


We are ambitious and visionary and work hard to keep our promises.


We strongly believe in cooperation, making all parties stronger.

Our Story

From Startup to Grownup.

2022 – H1


Pilot release with concept testing and real-life customers to solve everyday IT challenges.



After almost two years of hard work and a lot of fun, we are proud to unveil our disrupting service provider platform.

2021 – H1

Design & Building Concept

Building platform from ground-up with security, scalability, availability, and our unique service virtualization engine.

2021 – H2

Adding features

Demonstrate concept and customer value by adding platform features and critical services like backup and vulnerability scan.


Meet our Team

Our Team is growing, and we continue to hire.

We Work With

Selected content partners to deliver value-added services matching our customer’s needs.

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