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Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities

Digital transformation has become vital for businesses to stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced world. As technology evolves, companies constantly seek ways to improve operational efficiency, adapt to changing customer needs, and enhance overall performance.

This article investigates the background of questions and answers from 100 IT resellers and managed service providers (MSPs). It focuses on their digital transformation experiences, challenges, and how the ZaveIT Platform can address these issues.

Digital Transformation Progress

Among the IT resellers and MSPs surveyed, 67% report making 26-50% progress in their digital transformation efforts on a scale from 0-100%, while 33% have achieved 51-75%. This highlights the varying pace of digital transformation as businesses deal with unique challenges and resources.

Cloud Based Services

Daily System Usage

For routine tasks, employees often need to work with multiple systems. Survey results reveal that 19% of respondents use 1-2 systems, 43% use 3-4 systems, 21% use 5-6 systems, and 17% report using too many systems to count. This suggests that IT resellers and MSPs could benefit from simplifying and streamlining their IT systems to enhance productivity.

Time-Consuming Internal Processes

Various internal processes can be time-consuming, impacting overall efficiency. The survey findings show that 19% of IT resellers and MSPs identify license management as the most time-consuming process, followed by billing at 30%, sales registration at 22%, and support at 29%. This highlights the need for these organizations to optimize their internal processes to improve productivity in many areas.

Factors Essential for Business Growth

When asked about the critical factors for business growth, 13% of respondents mention building services, 8% prioritize ticketing and support, 22% focus on smarter workflows and time-saving solutions, and a majority of 57% believe all these factors are essential. These results underscore the demand for intelligent tools and strategies that drive business growth and enhance operational efficiency in IT reseller and MSP businesses.

Key Issues Moving Forward

Looking ahead, IT resellers and MSPs face several significant challenges. The survey indicates that 25% of respondents view hiring the right skilled staff as a top concern, while another 25% are apprehensive about the economy. Additionally, 25% mention digital transformation as a significant issue, and the remaining 25% identify the shift from hardware to software as a crucial focus. These challenges highlight the need for IT resellers and MSPs to remain adaptable and innovative.

The Role of the ZaveIT Platform

The ZaveIT Platform is designed to address the challenges faced by IT resellers and MSPs undergoing digital transformation. By offering smarter workflows, streamlined IT services, and efficient support systems, the platform enables these companies to overcome growth barriers, simplify daily tasks, and concentrate on their core strengths.

By investing in ZaveIT, IT resellers and MSPs can accelerate their digital transformation journey, adapt to market shifts, and thrive in a competitive landscape.

Next-level IT Solution


With automated workflows, collaboration, integrations and intelligent management, we help organizations respond more quickly to customer needs and market demands. Therefore, we can help you reduce costs and improve quality through efficiency.


The Platform enable systems and humans to communicate by streamlining communication and improving workflows and performance. We can reduce time spent on repetitive and tireless tasks and help your systems work together through integration and automation.


By having the opportunity to build services, you can tailor the services to your customer’s needs and requirements and get more competitive offerings and pricing. We can help you build Anything as a Service, topped with unique features.

Customer utility

Customer offering with value-added. By adding customer self-service and training and delivering insights to your customer offerings, we dramatically reduce the time spent on customer care and management. Eventually, we can help you bring your customers the “little” extra.


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