Author: Lars Habberstad

Backup your data – best practice

Backup is known term and it is widely used by most companies and private homes to protect data. But what is best practice and what is important to protect? What is important First we need to know what is important to backup. We strongly suggest categorizing your data into groups based on value. What data

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Purchasing cloud services needs to be more accessible.

Large international companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft today provide cloud services that cover many of the basic IT services of any business. We can buy these standardized cloud services and deliver them quickly and efficiently at a seemingly good price. In recent years, we have gained many other new suppliers who offer cloud

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What is Data Protection?

Many people associate data protection with GDPR or data security, but data protection is so much more. Data protection illustrated To visualize data security, the comparison is often used with protection against burglary in the house you live in. The house has locks on doors and windows to prevent anyone from entering. Many also choose

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