Customer Portal


Customer Portal

Many MSP and IT resellers have no or a limited Customer portal for their customers to buy, control and manage their services and orders. Many customers ask for a customer portal to get quick and accurate information and the possibility of being self-managed.

With the ZaveIT platform, MSP and IT resellers can give their customers a white-labelled self-service customer portal. Here customers can buy and manage services, do training, create support tickets, and get order and billing information.

Other features

How does it work?

When an Account/Customer is created in the ZaveIT platform, we create a dedicated, isolated, white-labeled tenant that becomes the ZaveIT customer portal for that specific customer/account.

Here we store all customer purchases, orders, subscriptions, agreements, consumption, and billing information. In addition, we connect all services purchased by the customer so they can be managed through the customer portal. 

Customers can also use SSO against Microsoft to automate user creation and logins. MSP or IT Resellers can link Training/Courses to their services for the Customer to access through their customer Portal.

Modern experience

The ZaveIT customer portal will enable the MSP and IT Resellers to give their customers the information and the tool to be self-serviced. This will give your customers the modern experience they expect from an MSP or IT reseller, save resources and increase profit.  

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Are you tired of chasing time

Give your customers a unique customer portal to buy and manage all their services – in one place. 

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