Digital Transformation with ZaveIT 

The Amazonification of IT Services. Simplifying Digital Transformation with ZaveIT

The digital revolution has significantly changed the Information Technology (IT) industry. The rapid growth of technology and increased customer demands have created a pressing need for digital transformation in IT services. However, purchasing these services can be a complex, time-consuming, and even daunting experience.

Traditionally, buying IT services was characterized by lengthy negotiations, custom-tailored solutions, and manual processes, often leading to delays and inefficiencies. This intricacy of the IT procurement process contrasts sharply with the simplicity and convenience offered by consumer-centric platforms like Amazon.

Simplicity, transparency, and speed

Customers today have grown accustomed to the simplicity, transparency, and speed that online platforms like Amazon offer. They crave a comparable experience when purchasing IT services — a seamless process, accessible at the click of a button, with complete visibility into what they’re buying, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered. The IT industry must address this change in customer behavior and adapt to meet these expectations.

Enter ZaveIT, designed to bring Amazon-like simplicity and efficiency to the procurement of IT services and enable IT resellers to be a modern service provider. The ZaveIT platform aims to streamline the customer journey, turning a traditionally complicated process into a simple, enjoyable, and efficient experience.

ZaveIT automates and simplifies the procurement process, making purchasing, managing, and maintaining their IT services easier for customers. The platform provides a self-service customer portal that offers a clear overview of all available services, transparent pricing, and an easy-to-navigate interface, enabling customers to make informed decisions and purchases easily.

Automate and simplify!

By reducing the time and resources spent on complex systems and manual work, ZaveIT simplifies the procurement process and results in significant cost savings for IT resellers, MSPs and their customers. It empowers them to take control of their IT needs, ultimately leading to a more customized and satisfactory experience.

Furthermore, ZaveIT goes beyond merely facilitating transactions. It aims to build a vibrant ecosystem that fosters better relationships between IT service providers and customers. Providing detailed insights and comprehensive management tools enables customers to effectively manage their IT services, thus enhancing their overall experience.

By automating and simplifying the procurement and management of IT services, ZaveIT brings the IT industry a step closer to a customer-centric future. It mirrors the convenience, simplicity, and efficiency that have become the norm in modern e-commerce, paving the way for the digital transformation that the IT industry needs.

Value-added reseller view

IT resellers play a crucial role in the IT industry. Traditionally, their function has been buying and selling IT products from manufacturers to end users. However, the rapidly evolving digital landscape and changing customer preferences push them to adopt a more service-centric approach. By bundling services and products, resellers can provide their customers more holistic and customized solutions.

ZaveIT helps IT resellers to effortlessly bundle and manage products and services. By using the platform, resellers can combine different IT products, software, and services into one package, offering customers a comprehensive solution that meets all their IT needs. This significantly reduces the complexity for customers who no longer need to navigate through and purchase from multiple vendors.

Higher Customer satisfaction leads to higher revenue growth.

ZaveIT also provides resellers with the tools necessary to manage these bundles. Its intuitive management system allows resellers to keep track of their service offerings, manage their inventory, monitor customer usage, and handle billing efficiently. By automating these processes, resellers can focus on enhancing customer service and creating better client relationships.

Moreover, ZaveIT enables resellers to provide superior customer experiences. Through its customer portal, customers can view and manage their purchases, get support, and communicate directly with the reseller. This transparency and ease of communication help build trust and satisfaction, crucial components of a strong customer relationship.

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Next-generation IT Reseller and MSP

ZaveIT is not just a platform that simplifies the procurement and management of IT services for customers; it’s also a comprehensive tool for IT resellers to bundle, manage, and sell their products and services more effectively. By embracing platforms like ZaveIT, IT resellers and MSPs can redefine their role, moving from mere product providers to service-centric partners delivering superior customer experiences. It’s a win-win situation: customers enjoy a seamless and simplified purchasing process, while resellers can increase their efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction.

ZaveIT is setting a prime example of how IT services should be bought in the digital age: with simplicity, transparency, and customer empowerment at its core.


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