Integration with FlexUIX

FlexUIX - Integrate your business!

ZaveIT integrates into many products and services. To present your data in the platform, you can now create a custom view, by using FlexUIX.

What is FlexUIX
FlexUIX is a method of integrating services into the ZaveIT platform. This includes guided API integrations for data exchange and easily building a UI to present and control your service.

To be able to integrate, we offer an integration template for you or ZaveIT professional services to set up the data exchange between ZaveIT and the service you wish to integrate.

Building your UI experience
To present your data in the ZaveIT platform, you can create a custom view (UI) to present your data as needed. We currently support the input of data to Tiles, Tables and Graphs. In addition to presenting your external data, you combine it with internal data in your custom UI.

FlexUIX practical example
ZaveIT integrate into many products and services through distributors, but distributors mostly offer license and order management. If you want to present real-world data like log info from a firewall or access logs from your datacenter, FlexUIX is the perfect tool.

Supported types
We support several data types to use for actions, tables, KPI Tiles, Information Tiles, Graphs and last but not least the RISC Tile to integrate into the ZaveIT RISC management system.


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