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Welcome to our Q&A corner, where we delve into the real-world concerns that surface in our conversations with dedicated resellers and MSPs. Time and again, we encounter recurring questions and recognize the common hurdles that the business is facing.

The journey in service sales and delivery is rife with complexity and unique challenges. That’s why we’ve compiled key discussion points and practical solutions to issues the industry has shared.

Are you a Reseller or MSP selling the traditional way?

Let’s face it—competition is fierce. Standing out in the crowd is hard if you’re dealing with generic hardware, licenses, and SaaS offerings. And when your products lack added value, capturing customer attention and loyalty is even harder.


  • Limited portfolio: Are you restricted to selling standalone hardware and basic software licenses?
  • Zero differentiation: Struggling to set yourself apart from competitors selling similar, or the same, products?
  • Missing value-add: Do you wish you could offer more than just a product; something like a complete service package?

ZaveIT’s Service Builder: 

  • Construct intricate service packages: Go beyond simply reselling. Our platform enables you to create complex, value-rich service packages that customers can’t resist.
  • Various general services: Choose from various services to include in your packages, allowing you to diversify your offerings and meet various customer needs.
  • For Resellers and MSPs: Whether you’re a Managed Service Provider or a Reseller, our platform is built to scale with you, making your life simpler and your business more profitable.

Why choose ZaveIT’s Service Builder?

We understand that merely reselling products isn’t enough in today’s fast-paced market. That’s why we’ve designed a platform to help you evolve with the landscape and unlock new revenue streams while differentiating you from the competition.

Feel restricted in what you can offer? Build Anything as a Service with ZaveIT

We know how stifling it can be only to offer limited services you’ve been handed down from distributors. What if you could customize, bundle, and offer exactly what your customers need?


  • Limited customization: Do you wish you had the power to tailor services to meet specific customer demands?
  • Rigid offerings: Are you stuck with a fixed catalog of services from distributors, unable to add your own flair or specialized services?
  • Inability to bundle: Ever wanted to create comprehensive packages that cater to diverse needs but didn’t have the tools to do so?

Evolve and Unlock Your Potential with ZaveIT

  • Internally develop or integrate services: You’re not restricted to just what distributors offer. Develop your own services or seamlessly integrate existing ones through our advanced capabilities.
  • Feature toggling and specialized editions: Customize even further with our feature toggling options and the ability to create specialized service editions. Tailor your offerings to the T!
  • ZaveIT Marketplaze: Your one-stop shop for an array of services. Customize, bundle, and resell to provide unique value to your customers.

Why opt for ZaveIT’s Service Builder?
We give you the freedom to build ‘Anything as a Service.’ Unchain yourself from the limitations of traditional reselling and service provision. With ZaveIT, you evolve with the landscape, unlock new opportunities, and offer services that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Are you struggling to scale your IT Services Business?

We get it—managing multiple clients with diverse needs is challenging. Ensuring client satisfaction while maintaining efficiency and profitability is a juggling act.


  • Inconsistent service delivery: Do you find it challenging to deliver the same level of service to all your clients?
  • Complex contracts and agreements: Are you tired of navigating through complicated contracts and unclear service-level agreements?
  • Lack of training and support: Is your team overwhelmed and under-trained for diverse IT challenges?

How we can help you evolve and unlock success:

  • Custom delivery chains: Personalize service delivery for each client, ensuring consistent and high-quality service that makes you their go-to MSP or Reseller.
  • Training and education services: Elevate your team’s expertise with our tailored training programs. Turn your team into IT superheroes, ready for any challenge.
  • Automated deployments: Forget manual set-up. Our automated deployments ensure your services are up and running faster than you can say “Go!”
  • Service contracts and SLAs simplified: Our easy-to-understand and transparent service contracts and SLAs mean you can focus more on client satisfaction and less on legal jargon.

Why Choose Us?
We don’t just provide solutions; we partner with you to enhance your service packages and help you stand out in an evolving landscape.

Tired of Time-Consuming, Manual Deployments?

We get it. The time and effort to manually deploy services can drain your resources. Not to mention, it’s costly and leaves room for error.


  • Slow deployment times: Are manual setups slowing you down and affecting your service delivery?
  • High costs: Are you spending too much on human resources just to get a service up and running?
  • Inflexibility: Are you stuck with rigid deployment procedures that can’t be customized to fit specific services?

Efficiency with ZaveIT’s Custom Deployment and Automation

  • Custom deployments in automation flow: Integrate your custom deployment needs into the automated workflow. No service is too complex for our automation capabilities.
  • Facilitate auto-deployment: Set it and forget it. Our platform enables you to auto-deploy virtually any service, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most.
  • Reduce costs and resource usage: With automation, you’re not just saving time but also cutting costs. Fewer manual tasks mean less drain on your human resources.

Why choose ZaveIT for custom deployment and automation?
With ZaveIT, you’re not just automating—you’re optimizing. Transform your service delivery, reduce costs, and allow your team to focus on client satisfaction and business growth.

Struggling with Complicated billing processes?

Keeping track of varied billing cycles, especially for different products and services, can be a headache.


  • Fixed billing constraints: Are you trapped in a one-size-fits-all billing model that doesn’t adapt to your customers’ usage?
  • Lack of customization: Do you struggle to tailor billing processes to fit specific products or services?
  • Inefficiency and errors: Is manual billing costing you time, and potentially causing mistakes?

Flexibility with ZaveIT’s Consumption-Based Billing

  • Billing for any product: Integrate any product into our billing system through our robust automation API. Flexibility is at your fingertips.
  • Customize automation and billing: With ZaveIT, you can effortlessly tailor your billing processes to match the specific consumption patterns of your services and products.
  • Effortless process: Forget manual calculations and potential errors. Our automated, consumption-based billing takes care of it all.

Why Opt for ZaveIT’s Consumption-Based Billing?
Imagine a world where your billing process is simplified and more aligned with how your customers use your services. That’s what ZaveIT brings to the table. Evolve with the market, unlock efficiencies, and add a level of professionalism and precision to your billing that your clients will appreciate.

Frustrated with inefficient Service delivery for consultative Services?

You’re not alone. Many service providers struggle with coordinating complex delivery plans that require consultancy and manual setups. The challenges don’t stop there—keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process is equally challenging.

Your Delivery Struggles:

  • Lack of transparency: Are your sales teams and customers kept in the dark about the progress of service delivery?
  • Resource allocation issues: Are you struggling to allocate the right resources at the right time for every step in the delivery chain?
  • Poor stakeholder engagement: Do your clients and team members often feel disconnected or uninformed during the project?

Seamless Service Delivery with ZaveIT

  • Versatile delivery chain: Our system is tailor-made for services that require consultancy and manual setups, allowing you to design detailed delivery plans with ease.
  • Real-time monitoring: Both your sales teams and your customers can track and monitor progress transparently, eliminating guesswork and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Automated management: Our embedded automation tool efficiently manages all aspects of the delivery chain, ensuring all stakeholders are continuously informed and engaged.

Why Choose ZaveIT for Your Service Delivery?
Staying organized and keeping everyone on the same page is no small feat. ZaveIT’s unique approach to service delivery not only makes the process more efficient but also transparent and engaging for everyone involved. Evolve your delivery model, unlock new levels of client satisfaction, and make every project a success story.

Struggling to manage user access and permissions?

Managing access to various service features can be a real headache. You may find yourself juggling multiple roles and permissions, wishing you had a more streamlined way to control who sees what.


  • Limited control: Do you feel handcuffed by rigid permission settings that don’t allow for customization?
  • Complex management: Is managing different roles and permissions turning into a complex, time-consuming task?
  • Security concerns: Worried that too much access could compromise the service, but too little could hinder workflow?

Role-Based Access Control with ZaveIT

  • Powerful feature toggling: Our enterprise services come with a robust feature toggling mechanism, allowing you to create custom, role-based access settings with ease.
  • Flexibility and control: Decide who gets access to what. Our system gives you the power to customize permissions according to different roles within your team or client base.
  • Streamlined management: Forget the headache of juggling multiple roles and permissions. Manage access effortlessly through our intuitive interface.

Why Choose ZaveIT for Role-Based Access Control?

Take control back from rigid and complicated access systems. With ZaveIT, you can evolve your permission settings, unlock smoother workflows, and ensure that the right people have the right level of access at all times.

We have here discussed different challenges for IT resellers and MSPs when building and selling services. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to email us. Contact us


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