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Integrate your Distributors

IT Resellers often encounter the challenge of managing multiple product silos from various distributors, leading to significant administrative burdens. This complexity and the lack of automation often result in Resellers limiting their service offerings to just one or two distributors. However, ZaveIT provides a solution by enabling IT Resellers to integrate with multiple distributors, offering a wide range of cost-efficient services to create unique customer offerings.

Through ZaveIT’s integration capabilities, Resellers gain control over the import of products from different distributors and benefit from automated purchase and order handling processes. This integration streamlines operations, reducing manual effort and administrative complexities associated with managing multiple product catalogues.

By leveraging ZaveIT, Resellers can expand their service portfolio and provide customers with diverse services from various distributors. This flexibility empowers Resellers to tailor their offerings to meet specific customer needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and generating additional revenue streams.

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Business Integrations

API-based business integrations involve using application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect and integrate different software systems or services within a business. APIs enable seamless data exchange, automate workflows, extend functionality, and provide real-time updates between systems. These integrations improve efficiency, eliminate manual data entry, and allow for scalability and flexibility in adapting to changing business needs. In summary, API-based business integrations streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimize overall productivity within an organization’s digital ecosystem.

ZaveIT seamlessly integrates with Distributors, enabling effortless product import and automating license handling and purchasing. Additionally, our platform integrates with CRM and Ticket systems, enhancing the functionality of your existing systems. To streamline the entire purchase-to-invoicing process, we also integrate with selected Accounting systems and support data export to the system of your preference. Through these integrations, ZaveIT optimizes and automates critical business processes, facilitating smoother operations and providing a comprehensive solution for your organization’s needs.

Tech Integrations

API-based IT service integrations involve using application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect and integrate various IT services within an organization. By leveraging APIs, different IT systems and applications can communicate, share data, and work together seamlessly. This allows for streamlined processes, automated workflows, and improved data exchange between systems. API-based IT service integrations enhance efficiency, enable cross-platform functionality, and facilitate real-time synchronization of data. In essence, API-based IT service integrations empower organizations to integrate and optimize their IT infrastructure, enabling smooth collaboration and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

ZaveIT seamlessly integrates with selected service verticals such as Backup, Security, and Storage to enable Service Virtualization. This integration reduces complexity, simplifies the user experience, and consolidates multiple services into a single unified interface. Through service virtualization, ZaveIT enhances the overall service offering by linking Service Trainings, Agreements, SLAs, and Delivery and Deploy workflows. This comprehensive approach streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and provides a cohesive and user-friendly experience for managing and accessing various services. With ZaveIT, organizations can benefit from a centralized and streamlined platform that optimizes service management, enhances collaboration, and simplifies operations.


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