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Build Sell and Manage Services

One Platform

ZaveIT simplifies how companies build, sell, and manage cloud solutions and services – all you need in ONE place.

The ZaveIT Platform includes a customer portal, CRM system, order and billing, marketplace, support system and a unique RISK-management system. If you need to streamline operations, expand margins, and gain a competitive edge, this is the place to start.

If you are not yet a service provider, become one in 5 minutes!

ZaveiT Platform that enables you to build, sell and manage IT services

Low cost, high security, and user-friendly self-service functionality


Build unique services based on any service or product and add features like App deliveries, ticketing, and training.

Build your own services or Integrate distributors, to get access to products and services you can build your unique custom services from. Every task is manageable!

  • Integrate your distributors
  • Build unique Services
  • Add value to services
  • Price and bundle services


We believe in customer self-service, so we let you offer services on your website and in your customer portal.

The ZaveIT customer portal gives your sales team direct access to sell your services from anywhere, either through the ZaveIT Platform or an integrated CRM system.

  • eCommerce – WEB sales
  • CRM – traditional sales
  • Customer Portal – self-service
  • Automated order and billing
  • Automated contract


With our unique RISC management, we dramatically reduce the time spent on administration.

With Virtualized service technology, we give you and your customers a better day by enriching, automating, and simplifying services and their management. 

  • RISC-based management
  • Virtualized services – OneUI
  • Multi-level Ticketing system
  • Multi-level training system
  • Customer Self-service Platform

Automate and simplify

The ZaveIT platform includes various tools, including security and data protection services, e-commerce for services, automated deployment and delivery, unique RISC management, end-user self-service for any service, Platform and service white-labelling, service builder, training system, and much more.

The Platform enable service providers and Resellers to cut costs and strengthen their market position by simplifying and automating deliveries and management with unique service virtualization technology.

As a result, we optimize your business and enable Anything as a Service in your Marketplace.


Enable automated inbound sales as well as expected deliveries. Customize your service offerings to deliver unique services and fit your customer’s expectations. 


Brand your company and services by white labeling any service as needed. From the marketing label to features and UI.

Service Builder

Build anything as a service, customized from marketing to software and business integrations.

Business integrations

We know that to automate, we need to integrate. Integrations will transfer all information entered into the platform into your business and support systems.

MAIN advantages it gives

Automate and simplify

We believe in simplicity and strive to automate the entire delivery chain of any service and sale, from order, agreement, delivery, payment, service start-up, and business integration, significantly reducing operational costs. No more back-office actions or misconfigured services.

Everything is delivered and run at enterprise best practices, reducing delivery and implementation cost to almost zero.

Get up and running in minutes.

Get Started in Minutes
ZaveIT® Data Protection platform is a proper SaaS solution giving you a white-label, multitenant MSP platform delivered in seconds.

With our unique and straightforward Manage Service Provider setup, you are up and running as a best-in-class MSP with Enterprise content services in minutes.

Yes, 5 minutes...
ZaveIT® platform is built from scratch to be a secure single sign-on portal for all your services.

With multi-factor and multiperson authentication and authorization capabilities, you can make this as secure as you need.

We also support single sign-on from Microsoft and Google to make self-service a smooth and easy experience.

With Training and Awareness capabilities built-in, you can remove the highest risk of all; uneducated users.
Service Virtualization - One User Interface
Our unique service virtualization engine provides a super-simplified everything approach to Management and UX.

We can provide the same UX and features to all services by virtualizing all services. Why should we do training every time we change our protection system?

Service virtualization also open for enriching your existing services with features like automated deployment, self-service and inApp support.

Data protection made easy!
Ever tried to buy a service when you need it?

Tired of “Contact Us” or “Get a price offering” or time-consuming deliveries?

We believe that buying services should take minutes, not days or weeks. Let your customers do the job and let your sales team be more effective, increasing turnover and reducing sales costs.

Our flexible and easy-to-use e-commerce system will let you customize your offerings and have the customers do the ordering.

ZaveIT is a fully white-labeled and brandable customer platform, including content services.

Ever wanted your own unique and branded services?

With the ability to build, customize, and brand services, you can be unique in a crowded market.

Make your company stand out!

Data Classification
Data classification is an essential task to protecting your data securely and cost-efficient.

We have extended this to include all services, users, information, and events.

Every asset has a value and should be classified.

But not all assets have the same value and do not need the same degree of protection and visibility.

RISC-based management
What if One number could tell it ALL...

Our unique RISC-based management system will reduce your operation cost massively!

By constantly risk evaluating every job and event from all services and users, running it through some ML and AI, we can give you the big picture in one number; your RISC score.

Inspired by OWASP and Risk Tree models, we give you RISC based management

It gives you the overview in one blink of an eye
Support your Customers
The ZaveIT® platform integrates into most support systems, enabling you and your customers to operate on one pane of glass for all actions.

User or AI-driven support case creation, directly from the source of the problem, eliminates error phrone manual support case registrations.

Integrating into the support system of choice secures correct information to and from all parties.

We believe in end-user and customer self-service.

With ZaveIT, you can offer all your customers and users access to self-service support for all services, including your existing custom services.

ZaveIT® platform enables self-service for any user in any supported service.

We strongly believe self-service is the future of services. Therefore we give you the choice of offering it to your customers.

ZaveIT adds self-service for several tasks, including management, training, and support.
Services Built-In
Our platform comes with selected Enterprise-class services available for you to white-label and customize before offering them as your unique services to your customers.

Focusing on Data Protection Services, ZaveIT comes with services like Vulnerability Scan, Intrusion Detection, Backup, and Training&Awareness.

All services run through our service virtualization engine, giving them your look and feel and unique service features, including self-serviced management, training, and support.
Automated Deployment & Delivery
Automated Service Deployment is just that... we spin up and integrate your services in seconds.

Ready to run with no hands on deck!

We strive to automate the entire delivery chain, from sale to service start-up. We believe in simplicity, no more back-office actions or misconfigured services. Everything is delivered and run based on enterprise best practices.

Get your customers up and running in minutes and reduce delivery time and costs to zero.

Build your own Services
Our easy-to-use Service Builder enables you to build virtually anything as a service in minutes.

Build unique service offerings to your customers and deploy them in the ZaveIT Marketplace for other MSPs to resell.

You can build unique automated cloud services in minutes with ready-to-use software integrations.

Add a few more minutes to set up pricing and some marketing touch, and you are ready to make them available for your customers to buy online.
ZaveIT Marketplace
We are building a network of service providers to deliver brandable services to our Marketplace for you to brand and customize, offering them to your customers.

With enterprise-class data protection services within the backup, security, storage, disaster recovery, and training and awareness.
Business Integrations
While customers buy your services, the platform also ensures that your Order, CRM, and Support systems are populated and synchronized with the correct customer information. No more back-office jungle.

We integrate into the most common accounting, CRM, and support systems to streamline your back-office operations.
API Integrations
The system is designed on API first, meaning we can offer API integration into custom services and applications.

We also offer an open API for customers to integrate into service desks and custom applications, to exploit and enrich features and services in the ZaveIT platform.
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All Features

Services Virtualization

One user interface


Buy services in minutes


Brand your services

Automated D & D

Automated Deploy & Delivery

Data Classification

Value your data

RISC-Based Management

Simplify and reduce management

Service Built-In

Service HUB

Build Your Own Services

Service Builder

ZaveIT Marketplace

Distribute your services

Business Integrations

Accounting, support and CRM

API Integrations

Integrate anything

Support Your Customer

inApp support


Self-service in any service


Built from scratch

Ready for Use

Get started in minutes


Educate your customers

content services


If we can’t provide it through our ever-growing service Marketplace,
build it yourself and even become a producer and offer it on our Marketplace.

Vulnerability Scan

Scans your web applications for known and unknown vulnerabilities.

M365 Backup

Protect your M365 data with automated protection and self-serviced recoveries.

Enterprise BaaS

Continuous protection of your data in any cloud service or on-premise environment.

Training & Awareness

Training and awareness is the best way to reduce security issues and threats.

Pricing plan

Check our pricing

Flexibile and Predictable pricing, paying for what you use.  

Choose the perfect plan for your needs, and services as needed, always flexible to grow.    



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Essential features for service providers.



Start producing unique white-labeled branded services automated with business integrations.
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With an isolated platform and API’s, you can integrate your business and deliver services.
Everything as in Professional, plus
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