Purchasing cloud services needs to be more accessible.


Large international companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft today provide cloud services that cover many of the basic IT services of any business. We can buy these standardized cloud services and deliver them quickly and efficiently at a seemingly good price.

In recent years, we have gained many other new suppliers who offer cloud services, where the same method is used for purchase and delivery. So today, this is the standard way we expect IT services to be delivered. But where are cloud services providers for IT security and data protection, and what services are needed to protect our data?

Today’s challenges

The major international providers provide general IT cloud services, while the special services we want are provided by smaller companies spread around the world. In addition, there is a need for some end-user equipment located in offices and home offices. Companies are becoming more and more international by operating in several countries or hiring labor in several countries. This means that many companies have the equipment, services, and users spread over large parts of the world. This makes IT very complex and unclear. How do you now protect your data, and where do you buy cloud services for data protection?

How to protect your data?

Cloud services reduce the need for internal IT expertise in companies. This means that the company needs an IT reseller they can rely on when it comes to choosing IT systems and cloud services and questions about security and data protection. National and especially local IT resellers do not have the same resources as the major international players to develop effective cloud services. Therefore, many deliveries are manual and expensive, which means that many companies do not have the budget to secure their data adequately.

New opportunities

We believe the solution to this problem is for the IT reseller to acquire a platform that simplifies and automates service deliveries

Such a service platform contains:

  • Finished built-in cloud services for data protection
  • The opportunity to build new and deliver your cloud services
  • Market and sell the cloud services on their websites
  • Automated deliveries, from ordering to the actual delivery of the cloud service
  • Self-service of services for both retailer and customers
  • Effective support built into the platform
  • Simplified user interface so that everyone can use the platform and use the services
  • Integrations with support systems such as accounting, CRM, and support.
  • Give everyone consumption and cost control
  • RISK based reporting

We believe that such a platform will reduce the dealers’ costs enormously and at the same time provide better margins. In addition, provide customers with their unique services on competitive terms.

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