RISC-Based Management

Unique Feature


To be able to manage services and business we have developed two unique methods.

  • Service Virtualization to make management easy and understand for both reseller and their customers.
  • RISC Management to automate and simplify daily management of both services and business.
Other features

RISC-Based Management

ZaveIT RISC-Based management is an enhanced version of Risk-based management methods where we correlate various Risk sources into user roles to give the user better RISC information.

Risk management is the practice of identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks that could impact an organization’s objectives. It involves systematically analyzing uncertainties, evaluating their probability and potential consequences, and implementing strategies to minimize or eliminate those risks.

The primary goal of risk management is to protect the organization from unexpected events that could hinder its operations, reputation, or financial stability. By proactively identifying and addressing risks, organizations can make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and implement preventive measures.

RISC landscape

 Risk management also provides a framework for ongoing monitoring and review, ensuring that risks are continuously evaluated and managed as the business landscape evolves. Ultimately, effective risk management enables organizations to navigate uncertainties, seize opportunities, and maintain long-term success.

One of ZaveIT’s unique features is the inclusion of “Correlation” in our Risk Management (RISC) approach. This distinctive aspect allows us to effectively link and analyze risk sources across various aspects of the business and services, providing a comprehensive understanding of the real risk landscape. 


Empower your business

By identifying correlations between different risk factors, we gain valuable insights that enable us to develop targeted strategies and countermeasures. This holistic approach ensures not only the highest level of data security but also safeguards the overall integrity of the business.

 With our ability to establish correlations, ZaveIT goes beyond traditional risk management practices, providing a deeper understanding of interconnected risks and empowering organizations to effectively make informed decisions to mitigate potential threats.


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