Service Virtualization

One user interface


To be able to manage services and business we have developed two unique methods.

  • Service Virtualization to make management easy and understand for both reseller and their customers.
  • RISC Management to automate and simplify daily management of both services and business.

Services Virtualization

Services Virtualization in a platform like ZaveIT could be a feature that allows users to create, deploy, and manage virtual instances of their services in a unified interface. This simplifies the process of managing these services, as users can control them from a single location rather than needing to manage each service individually.

Other features

key benefits

Unified Dashboard: A user interface that provides a single view of all virtualized services. This dashboard could provide real-time information about each service’s status, performance, and health. It also allows users to interact with these services directly, such as starting or stopping them.

Service Creation and Deployment: Users might have the ability to create new services directly within the interface. These services could then be deployed as virtual instances within the platform. This process could include setting up the necessary configurations and parameters for the service

Service Management: The platform might provide tools for managing these virtual services. This could include adjusting their settings, scaling their resources, monitoring their performance, and handling any issues or errors that arise.

Integration with Other Services: The platform might offer integration with other services or applications. This could allow users to extend their virtual services’ functionality or create complex workflows between different services.

Security and Compliance: In order to ensure the safety and integrity of the virtualised services, the platform might include robust security features. This could include encryption, access control, audit logs, and compliance with industry standards.

Automation and Scaling: The platform might provide tools for automating tasks and scaling services to meet demand. This could include auto-scaling features, which automatically adjust the resources of a service based on its current load.


We noticed a growing demand for services. As a system integrator without our own development capacity, we found it exciting to come across a platform that could cover this demand without the need for significant internal resource use and development.

Anders Brækken
Sales Director nLogic
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