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Lars Olav Habberstad

Interview with the CEO and co-owner of ZaveIT, Lars Olav Habberstad, an IT veteran with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

He and Team ZaveIT has worked tirelessly for two years to develop a platform that meets the needs of IT resellers. By creating value throughout the entire value chain. The goal is to easily build, sell, and manage services in a more efficient and profitable way.

"This is an industry solution for IT resellers"
Picture of Co-Founder and CEO, Lars Olav Habberstad at zaveIT
Lars Olav Habberstad
CEO and Co-Founder of ZaveIT

Habberstad, who has previously established and operated Purity, a Data Protection company, understands what steals time, margins, and competitiveness in the IT industry. With this new platform, ZaveIT aims to offer an industry solution to revolutionize IT resellers’ work.

How did you come up with the idea of developing this platform?

Throughout my 30 years in the industry, I have seen that IT resellers are good at taking care of their customers but lack a good system that creates value throughout the entire value chain. I realized there was a need for a solution that helps IT resellers improve their efficiency and competitiveness. That is why Fred Habberstad, Christian Mathisen, and I decided to develop this platform. ZaveIT was established in January 2021.

What makes this platform different from existing solutions on the market?

The platform is specifically developed for IT resellers and considers their specific needs and challenges. It provides a centralized solution that simplifies the processes related to building, selling, and operating services. This will lead to reduced time usage, increased margins, and strengthened competitiveness for IT resellers.

We solve this through integrations with various distributors so that IT resellers can build unique services they can offer customers. This is done through built-in features such as eCommerce, CRM, and customer portals. In addition, we provide value-add for customers, such as product training through the Training module, Contract and SLA management, Ticketing, Delivery, and automated Deployment, as well as License management.

But perhaps most uniquely, we offer RISC-based management and virtualized services that eliminate up to 90% of daily operations for both the reseller and their customers.

ZaveiT Platform that enables you to build, sell and manage IT services

How can IT resellers benefit from the ZaveIT platform?

The platform will help IT resellers gather and analyze data from the entire value chain. By providing them with valuable insights into customer needs and business opportunities. In addition, the platform will automate and streamline many of the time-consuming processes that IT resellers have to handle today. The result will be, freeing up resources and time that can be used for more value-creating activities.

What features and tools does the ZaveIT platform offer to help IT resellers improve their IT infrastructure?

With ZaveIT, IT resellers and MSPs can easily create SaaS solutions from their existing services with a customer portal and automated billing and license management. Beyond this, resellers can create unique, customized UI and application integrations for themselves and their customers using ZaveIT FlexUITM.

How can the ZaveIT platform help businesses secure their data and comply with current laws and regulations?

In addition to providing a platform that helps resellers with GDPR, we offer unique services through ZaveIT MarketplazeTM to strengthen resellers’ competitiveness, as well as giving them the opportunity to improve and streamline existing services. An example of this is ZaveIT Enterprise Backup.

Does the ZaveIT platform offer scalability to accommodate growth and changes in a company's IT needs?

The platform is a SaaS solution built on modern principles around Micro-services and agile cloud principles. This means that the platform scales according to the customer’s needs.

What can a reseller save by using ZaveIT as a platform for building, selling, and operating their services?

It is difficult to provide an exact number, as this varies with the reseller’s size, needs, and portfolio. But we can confidently say that the savings are significant!

It goes without saying that with automated processes between supplier, sales, contracts, customers, deliveries, support, operations, invoicing, and accounting, there are substantial savings. But perhaps the most important thing is that it allows you to provide customers with a completely different experience as an IT reseller. With a customer portal, online shop, and automated service deliveries, you will appear modern and forward-looking.


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