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Service Builder Platform

Resellers primarily deal with products sourced from distributors, encompassing various items, including hardware, licenses, and SaaS offerings. However, in many cases, these products are typically limited to licenses or standalone hardware components with minimal added value. 

ZaveIT has developed a Service Builder platform that empowers Resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to construct intricate service packages composed of various general services

ZaveIT Services

The general services can either be internally developed by Resellers and MSPs or seamlessly integrated from distributors through our integration capabilities. Moreover, we offer feature toggling for selected services and the ability to create specialized service editions, enriching the offerings to our customers. 

Our easy-to-use Service Builder enables Resellers and MSPs to build Anything as a Service.

The ZaveIT Marketplaze includes a variety of  services for you to start  customize, bundle and resell to your customers.


MSPs and Resellers can enhance their service packages with custom delivery chains, training and education services. Service contracts, service Level Agreements (SLAs) and automated deployments.

Custom Deployments & Automation

ZaveIT supports the inclusion of custom deployments in the automation flow, making
it possible to facilitate auto-deployment
for virtually any service. Automation reduces the use of human resources and costs.

Consumption-Based Billing Capability

ZaveIT supports consumption-based billing for
any product integrated through its automation API. MSPs and Resellers can customize automation and consumption billing processes effortlessly.

ZaveIT Enterprise Services

ZaveIT boasts a versatile delivery chain tailored specifically for services that require consultancy and manual setups.

This unique approach allows for designing detailed delivery plans and allocating resources for every step in the process. With this system, both sales teams and customers can transparently track and monitor progress, staying continuously updated on project timelines.

The automation tool embedded in ZaveIT’s enterprise services efficiently manages all aspects of the delivery chain, ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed and engaged throughout the delivery process. 

Powerful internal controll

ZaveIT’s enterprise services introduce a powerful feature toggling mechanism that enables the creation of custom role-based access to various aspects of the services. See example.

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Support teams can gain access to Tickets, Deliveries, Reports, and Logs.

Technical Management teams can access advanced settings, resources, and the underlying product user interface for more sophisticated management.

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We can recommend the Platform to other IT Resellers. Most IT Resellers will add structure and economies of scale that no one has today. Using the platform, you can focus on sales and customers and less on operations and manual work. This will, over time, give a market-oriented operation.

Anders Brækken
Sales Director nLogic
Frequently asked Questions

Our platform enables you to create complex, value-rich service packages that customers can’t resist.

ZaveIT offers to go beyond simply reselling.

With ZaveIT, you can start selling services almost immediately. Our platform is designed for a quick setup. Once you sign up, you can access our suite of services and begin creating your own service packages without delay. 

ZaveIT’s Service Builder platform enables you to construct intricate service packages that include a variety of services, beyond the typical hardware and software licenses. With the ability to develop custom services or integrate offerings from distributors, feature toggling, and specialized service editions, you can provide unique and value-rich service packages that set you apart from the competition. 

Our white-labeling solution allows you to integrate your brand colors, logo, and other elements throughout the user interface. This ensures that your brand identity remains front and center while you are using our platform.

ZaveIT supports white-labeling, allowing you to apply your branding to the Marketplace and the Platform. This way, you can offer a seamless brand experience to your customers while utilizing our robust platform.

Absolutely. ZaveIT supports custom deployments within the automation flow, allowing for auto-deployment for virtually any service. This capability reduces dependency on human resources, cuts costs, and enhances efficiency across your service offerings.

Yes, ZaveIT supports consumption-based billing for any product integrated through its automation API. This means you can align your billing with actual usage, providing transparency and fairness to your customers and simplifying the billing process on your end. 

ZaveIT offers a versatile delivery chain that’s specifically tailored for services requiring consultancy and manual setups. Our platform allows for designing detailed delivery plans and allocating resources efficiently. Plus, with real-time progress tracking, both your sales team and customers stay continuously updated, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

With ZaveIT’s feature toggling mechanism, you can create custom role-based access controls for various aspects of the services you offer. This gives you the flexibility to manage who has access to what, streamlining management and enhancing security.

Yes, our easy-to-use Service Builder empowers you to build ‘Anything as a Service’ (XaaS), allowing you to customize, bundle, and resell a wide array of services through the ZaveIT Marketplace.

ZaveIT’s system allows you to design detailed delivery plans, ensuring that resources are properly allocated for every step of the service delivery process. The embedded automation tool manages all aspects of the delivery chain, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged from start to finish.

Absolutely. Aside from the inherent savings from not having to build your own platform, ZaveIT’s competitive pricing, coupled with our partner program, ensures that you receive the best value for your investment. Our partners benefit from preferred pricing structures that make it easier to offer competitive rates to your customers.

While the exact savings will vary based on your specific situation, consider the costs of full-time developers, infrastructure, security, and ongoing maintenance when building an in-house solution. With ZaveIT, you get all the necessary tools and functionalities at a fraction of these costs through our monthly subscription model.

Joining our partner program opens the door to exclusive discounts and pricing unavailable to non-partners. This can significantly reduce your costs and increase your margins.

ZaveIT is designed to be scalable and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Our pricing model is particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises that might otherwise find the cost of developing their own platform prohibitive.

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