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Modern Service provider

Inside the Platform is a dedicated Marketplace or an App-store for IT resellers. You can build your white-labelled services or utilize the already available services.

Build, Sell and Manage Anything as a Service (XaaS) in the ZaveIT Marketplace and make your services available to your customers.

This Marketplace includes several template services, such as data protection services, including backup (baas), storage, vulnerability scan, awareness, and various security services.

One Platform to Manage and grow your business.

White-Label The ZaveIT Platform

ZaveIT is a fully white-labeled and brandable platform, including content services. Ever wanted your own unique and branded services? With the ability to build, customize, and brand services, you can be unique in a crowded market.

– Make your company stand out!

Integrate your Distributors

With the ZaveIT Platform integration capabilities, IT Resellers and MSPs gain control over the import of products from different distributors and benefit from automated purchase and order handling processes.

Build your service offerings, simplify management processes, and deliver comprehensive solutions to your customers.

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Through this partnership with ZaveIT, nLogic is well-positioned to meet changing customer preferences and transition from being a product seller to a Service Provider. At the same time, we have minimized the risks and investments associated with internal development, ensuring that we can maintain a strong and effective relationship with our customers.

Erlend Bonesvoll, CEO


Pre-built Services in the Marketplace

Training & Awareness

Security, Backup, Storage and more
Together with improper backup and password use, lack of training is the most significant security issue.

By removing the human risk, you can reduce security issues by 90%, but of course, we don't believe we can remove all, but we think we can minimize risk with proper training.

Therefore we have to build Training & Awareness as a default component in the platform, enabling you and your customers to do any activity in one system.

Vulnerability Scan

Scans your web applications for vulnerabilities.
Powered and serviced by the Swedish company Detectify, our Vulnerability Scan service scans your web applications for known and unknown vulnerabilities.

This service is an always-on vulnerability scan service delivered from the cloud, continuously detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your online web environments.

Enterprise BaaS

Backup anything from anywhere
Our Enterprise Backup as a Service is powered by Commvault and serviced by ZaveIT to build an Enterprise backup service with unique capabilities.

ZaveIT Backup as a Service is an always-on cloud service, continuously protecting your data in any cloud service or on-prem environment.

Data is stored in two or more locations (ISO27001 certified) to ensure availability and security. Service can also be extended with local appliances to increase performance.

Protect & Detect

Security services to protect against intrusion
We will make several Threat Prevention, Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, and Vulnerability Management services available in our Marketplace mid-2022

M365 Backup

Backup as a Service for M365
Our Backup as a Service for M365 is powered by Commvault and serviced by ZaveIT to build an Enterprise M365 backup with unique capabilities.

Service protect Mail, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams but can also be extended to protect any other application or data with Enterprise BaaS.

S3 Storage

Object Storage for application developers, backup and unstructured data
We will make the S3 Object storage service available in the Marketplace in the first half of 2022.

Ideal for storing backups and unstructured data from any application.

This is truly a versatile service with our ease of use and end-user self-service capabilities.
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