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This is a recording of our seminar in Norway in June 2023. It is in Norwegian, so this content is for our Norwegian audience. 

Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen

In this video, Hans-Petter shares his knowledge and experience about the disruptive changes we can expect in the future and how we can best adapt and benefit from them.

You can also watch the ZaveIT presentation and learn how the ZaveIT Platform can give growth for both small and Medium Businesses and Large Enterprises.

Hans-Petter has extensive experience in the European IT market. He has had different leadership roles in Norway, Nordic, and Northern European companies such as Cisco, D-Link, and Juniper Network.

Build, sell and manage IT services

In this presentation, Lars Olav, founder of Purity and now ZaveIT, talks about the ZaveIT Platform and how it is tailored to strengthen IT resellers with automation and simplification. Additionally, you will learn how the platform provides customers with a modern purchasing experience and their own customer portal.

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Do you want to learn and see how the ZaveIT platform can help your business grow? Book a demo with one of our experts and find out how you can prepare for the next generation of customers.


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