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Cloud Based Services

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-Based Services: Revolutionizing IT Resellers and MSPs Cloud-based services like ZaveIT are at the forefront of modern technology, boosting efficiency and accessibility for IT-resellers and MSPs. ZaveIT, a leading SaaS platform, embodies the revolution in cloud computing that has swiftly risen to prominence as businesses recognize its unparalleled potential. Salesforce pioneered digital transformation by harnessing

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A celebratory photo of the zaveIT team after winning the prestigious Storage Awards. From left to right, the team members are Fred Habberstad, Marianne Johansen Skaarud, Andy Palmer, Lars Olav Habberstad, Lene Frydenlund, and John Robert Strengen. They stand together with big smiles, holding the award trophy and wearing badges with the zaveIT logo. Their camaraderie and joy are evident as they bask in their well-deserved victory, showcasing their dedication and expertise in the field of storage technology.

Storage Awards 2023

ZaveIT Software Platform ZaveIT platform won in an international competition this week – Storage Award! “The One To Watch” The Norwegian IT company ZaveIT won gold at the Storage Awards in London on Thursday as the first Norwegian company. Now the company is gearing up its international venture. No Norwegian company has previously been a

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Team ZaveIT

Lars Olav Habberstad Interview with the CEO and co-owner of ZaveIT, Lars Olav Habberstad, an IT veteran with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He and Team ZaveIT has worked tirelessly for two years to develop a platform that meets the needs of IT resellers. By creating value throughout the entire value chain.

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Financial support “SkatteFUNN”

ZaveIT is proud to announce that we have been approved as “SkatteFUNN” projects by The Research Council of Norway for 2022-2023. The projects are approved for up to 9M NOK for driving innovation and R&D. We’re grateful for recognizing our project and its potential. This will allow additional functionality to be released even earlier. We

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Financial support from Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway’s support is a recognition of our work to establish ourselves as a software company with international ambitions. The support makes it possible to increase the development speed and at the same time ensure that the platform is launched in accordance with the plan, which is 15 March 2022. We look forward to showing

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New employment in ZaveIT!

We welcome John Robert Strengen to ZaveIT! Robert from Mysen is 43 years old and will have the infrastructure manager role with us. Robert comes from the Norwegian Digitization Directorate. Before this, Robert has a long background in Dustin / Purity and Safety Computing. His experience will help secure the ZaveIT platform`s infrastructure and content

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ZaveIT’s development department is growing!

We welcome Kristoffer Habberstad to ZaveIT to our office in Hadeland Norway. Kristoffer is 28 years old and lives in Norway’s capital Oslo, his role in ZaveIT will be a front-end developer. Kristoffer has a long background from Nets and Thorn, and will strengthen the development team with his experience and insight in finance and

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